Monday, 21 January 2008

Full Time

This month I started life as a full time writer. I've had lots of jobs before: milkman, postman, bookseller, librarian, joy stick repairer - but now I'm a writer.

I wrote a book about a boy who loves football and wants to solve crimes.

Football Detective: Foul Play.

I tried several agents (you need to get an agent before you find a publisher, usually), but none of them liked it. Then I found out about an agent who supported the same team as me. Leeds United.

I sent it to the agent - and a month later he'd got me a book deal with Puffin.

And now I'm a full time writer. My dreams have come true.

Being a writer is not boring. Not if you write about football, anyway.

Today was not easy, though. I kept getting distracted.

For a start there's the internet. News about the football. We're still in the transfer window. There may be new players signed.

Also, it's the African Nations Cup - live on TV.

And then there's Sky Sports News.

Tomorrow I'm going out to write in the library.