Friday, 16 May 2008


There's a new You Tube film about Foul Play put together by Andy Weir, who does work for Puffin. He's done a great job. It's at:

Leeds won 2-0 at Carlisle last night.

I let my little girl stay up for the first 15 minutes. Her first late night game. She jumped around the room when we scored our first. It took hours getting her to sleep after that. When we'd won I whispered to her 'We won'.

Doncaster now at Wembley. They just routed Southend 5-1. It's going to be a tough game.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


I've had a great couple of weeks doing events since the book came out. Hexham. Leeds. Bury. Oldham. Manchester. Shropshire. White City. Winchester.

I love it. I get to do see which parts of the country are the best at football quizzes and taking penalties.

The best penalty taker I met was in Leeds. He got his first three past me. His mum said 'You're rubbish.' That cut me up. I managed to save his next two shots.

Overall I'd say the further north you go, the more people know about football. That is, they do better in the quiz. I'm not being North-biased, but Newcastle is defintely clued up about football. They win the top prize.

Can your town do any better? See the 'Meet Tom' section and come and have a go...

Leeds lost 2-1 to Carlisle on Monday. In the play off semis. I watched it in a Brighton hotel, away with work. It was depressing - but we could get it back tomorrow night. As I sat in a massive velvet arm chair I heard a woman behind me say 'Who are LU? They're not very good, are they?'

Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times reviewed my book this week. Children's Book of the Week. If you want to see the review it's at:

On tour with Puffin

I've been out with Puffin this week. Schools in the North West, Shropshire and London. It's been amazing.

I've met 500 boys and girls and faced about 2000 penalties. Sold over 200 books too!

It's been brilliant talking to people who've read the book. I wanted to know what they thought of the book. Everyone said really positive stuff.

I had to do a filming in a London park this evening. For something that's happening later in the year. I had to say what the book was about in 30 seconds. This is what I said:

'Foul Play is about a boy who loves football. And who wants to be a private detective. While he's out investigating crimes he stumbles across the kidnap of England's leading scorer. For the rest of the book he has to investigate who has kidnapped the player, why and work out a way to rescue him.'

It feels weird doing this. But I like it. The best bit is meeting readers who have really interesting comments on the book.

I wrote two chapters of Dead Ball today. At the moment a famous keeper is cornered by three Russian gangsters and Danny is looking on from a window. Next chapter: tomorrow.