Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Museum of Slavery

I went to the Museum of Slavery in Liverpool today, after talking at a couple of schools. The museum is very striking. It makes you think... hard. If you are ever in the city then it's well worth a visit, as is the Maritime Museum.

I was there to see if I could think about how the book I am writing has bits about slavery in it. I'm still working it all out in my head. I'm not sure.

I'm also reading an amazing book by a Ghanaian author called Amma Darko. It is about a woman who is made a slave in Germany - and it's set pretty much now. The character I am going to write about in Football Detective 3 is going to be a sort of modern slave.

I am reading all these books and going to these museums (and Ghana) to make sure I get it right, as well as for ideas how to write the book.

Friday, 15 May 2009


I've been in London at the end of this week. In a school called Eaton House and in Kingston Library today. Both really good fun. Tomorrow two libraries in Tottenham.

It is hard being in London considering my team, Leeds United, lost to Millwall last night in the play offs. My daughter is getting into Leeds United now and I was hoping to take her to Wembley for the final. One day...

I am watching Milton Keynes Dons v Scunthorpe in a hotel room now. (That's the glamorous lifestyle of an author!) No offence to MK Dons fans, but I want Scunthorpe to win. Then have them beat Millwall in the final.

Off Side

I've written the first 10,000 words of Off Side, the third Football Detective novel. It's going well mostly, but I'm struggling to get the Ghanaian player right. I can't get in the head of a sixteen year old boy from Ghana in the UK for the first time.

So I'm going to read some books about Ghanaians who have come to the UK, talk to a couple of players (hopefully the Wigan keeper) and go to Ghana in July. That's the only way I can do it. In the mean time I can write Danny's bits.

I am loving writing it. I have been reading a lot about slavery. It is going to be a part of the story, so I am reading a history of slavery and will be going to Liverpool's museum of slavery on Wednesday. It's something I thought I knew about. Until now.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Off Side

I am just about to start the third Football Detective book, Off Side. It is to be partly based in Ghana, West Africa. I am reading a lot in preparation for a trip to Africa to see how young players are developed. I am very excited about the trip.

This is the best time of writing a book: I'm dying to get stuck in. I start on Tuesday on a train to Portsmouth from Yorkshire. I am going there to talk to some groups of readers who are taking part in the Premier League Reading Stars scheme. PLRS is all about footballers recommending books for familes to read.

Now... I am listening to the last round of games in league one on radio five. Relegation. Promotion. It's a very tense time. If Leeds win today and Millwall don't then I can go to both games. But if not, I will miss both, which is annoyting. But - as things stand - Leeds are winning and Millwall are losing.