Saturday, 2 May 2009

Off Side

I am just about to start the third Football Detective book, Off Side. It is to be partly based in Ghana, West Africa. I am reading a lot in preparation for a trip to Africa to see how young players are developed. I am very excited about the trip.

This is the best time of writing a book: I'm dying to get stuck in. I start on Tuesday on a train to Portsmouth from Yorkshire. I am going there to talk to some groups of readers who are taking part in the Premier League Reading Stars scheme. PLRS is all about footballers recommending books for familes to read.

Now... I am listening to the last round of games in league one on radio five. Relegation. Promotion. It's a very tense time. If Leeds win today and Millwall don't then I can go to both games. But if not, I will miss both, which is annoyting. But - as things stand - Leeds are winning and Millwall are losing.

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Sobotka said...

Hi Tom
Just wanted to thank you for the event in the library in Brighton on Thursday. Our son really enjoyed it he also enjoyed the first chapter of Boys Utd. which we started tonight. One thing that I forgot to tell you about my intense friend from Leeds was that he called his dissertation on developments in post-war Theology 'Marching On Together.'
Not a great day for Celtic or Leeds fans but never mind...