Monday, 21 January 2008

Full Time

This month I started life as a full time writer. I've had lots of jobs before: milkman, postman, bookseller, librarian, joy stick repairer - but now I'm a writer.

I wrote a book about a boy who loves football and wants to solve crimes.

Football Detective: Foul Play.

I tried several agents (you need to get an agent before you find a publisher, usually), but none of them liked it. Then I found out about an agent who supported the same team as me. Leeds United.

I sent it to the agent - and a month later he'd got me a book deal with Puffin.

And now I'm a full time writer. My dreams have come true.

Being a writer is not boring. Not if you write about football, anyway.

Today was not easy, though. I kept getting distracted.

For a start there's the internet. News about the football. We're still in the transfer window. There may be new players signed.

Also, it's the African Nations Cup - live on TV.

And then there's Sky Sports News.

Tomorrow I'm going out to write in the library.

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Sheri said...

Congratulations on being published. Writing from home, or working at anything from home, can be a real challenge. For me, it is not so much football, as the dishes, or the laundry, or vacuuming. The trick is to treat your writing like a job, almost like you have to punch-in on a time clock. Set a goal like I will write from 8 - 10, but be specific. Like i will write 10 new pages, or I will re-read yesterday's pages, and edit. If you are not specific about your goal, you might flounder. Also schedule in down time, so you have breaks. These breaks can feed your writer's mind, so you do really need to take them.

Also figure out when you do your best writing. I write my best in the morning after the kids are on the bus. The whole house is perfectly still and quiet. So I write from 8:30 - 12. Then take a break for lunch. During lunch I check my blog, read my emails, etc. Then from 1 - 3:40, I re-read my morning's pages, edit, and then write forward.

You just have to find your groove. It takes practice, time, and determination before you find it.

Best of luck and hey, why don't you check out my blog too.