Monday, 18 February 2008


I got my first feedback about my forthcoming novel last week.

Puffin sent early copies of Football Detective: Foul Play out to people in the media, books and football. One of them emailed me to say that her son, aged 12, had read it and she wanted to let me know what he thought.

That made me nervous. What would he say? Would he hate it? What if he spotted some dreadful mistake?*

He liked it. A lot. He said:

Really, really, really good. Clever, well written. Very good for people like me who like football. Really well aimed at my sort of audience. Almost as good as Cherub.

I'm happy to be almost as good as Cherub. I like Cherub.

I admit that this blog is a boasting blog - and I am sorry. There'll be no more like this, I promise.

But to hear that the first reader has read my book - and liked it - is a good feeling.

And that it was a 12 year old boy I've never met that likes it, not a reviewer or a friend or any other adult.


* - not that that would happen... the editing and proof reading team at Puffin have been brilliant.

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