Saturday, 22 March 2008

Starting Football Detective II

I'm off to Moscow this week to research my next Football Detective novel.

I like to set my books in interesting places.

I set a book in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a few years ago. It never got published, but I had a good time there.

I think what I like about travelling to research my books is that because I feel on edge in new places, I write better. I need my character to be on edge, so it's best that I'm on edge.

Also, if I am setting a book in a place I've not been to before, I need to go there. If I wrote about what I thought Moscow would be like based on what I've read or seen on TV it'd be dishonest.

I'm getting a tour of the main stadium in the city, where the Champions League final will be this May. Then it's looking at settings like Red Square, the Kremlin and some of the backstreets.

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