Monday, 20 October 2008

A Week Off

I've been doing a lot of events since Foul Play came out. About five days a week for six months. From tomorrow I'm on holiday. At home. But not working.

I'm going to fix all the things in the house that are broken. I'm going to read lots of books. (I'm reading a book about American murder detectives. It's a true account of a year with them. It's really good.) But, best of all, I'm going to spend loads of time with my wife and daughter.

Tomorrow we're going to see an Egyptian mummy in a museum. That's down to a book too. In the latest Jake Cake book I read to my daughter, Jake made friends with a mummy in a museum. So we're off to do the same. Have you read Jake Cake by Michael Broad? They're brilliant.

Today I talked to schools in Hattersley, near Manchester. They were great. Half Man City fans: hlaf Man U fans.

And tomorrow I'm off to Leeds v Leyton Orient. Please let us win...

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