Thursday, 7 April 2011


I have been in Nottingham most of this week, working with Den Corrall of Quadrant C! We've been working with year sevens - on reading and writing. And it's been great. There's a real love of football here. But also a passion for stories - reading them and writing them. I want to say thanks to Nottingham. I'm glad to be coming back next week and in May. I'd also like to apologise that Leeds beat Forest 4-1 on Saturday... but no-one would believe me, so I won't. Thanks also to Den. We have discussed a lot of things to do with football and fatherhood this week. Two of my favourite subjects.

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Den said...

Hi Tom
It was a great week in Nottingham.I really enjoyed your sessions and your company. I met with the Librarians yesterday, and they are still buzzing about your visit....there are none of your books left on their shelves...they are all borrowed!!!!
Sorry Leicester couldn't help you out by beating Forest, the curse of the Goalkeeping Error struck again...still, it does mean we can share a bag of chips at Elland Road next season. Keep the faith, Den