Thursday, 19 July 2012

Olympic Football events in libraries

I am doing loads of events to help celebrate the Olympics in libraries this summer. Twenty eight in all.

I'll be running a special Olympic Football Reading Game: an easy quiz about things you can read around the Olympics (such as newspapers, magazines, online, books), followed by a penalty shoot out in the library, each featuring  different librarian in goal.

This is the schedule. I hope you can come and have a go.

If you need more details please get in touch with the library - or email me at
Monday 30th July
10.30am                  Fred Moore Library, Hull
1pm                        Analby Library, Hull
3pm                        Hull Central Library

Tuesday 31st July
10.30am                  Polesworth Library, Warwickshire
2pm                        Southam Library, Warwickshire

Thursday 2nd August
10am                      City Library, Newcastle
11.45am                 East End Library, Newcastle
2.30pm                  Blakelaw Library, Newcaslte

Friday 3rd August
10am                      Lower Kersall library, Salford
11.45am                 Broughton Library, Salford                              
2pm                        Ordsall library, Salford                   

Saturday 4th August
11am                      Beswick Library, Manchester
2pm                        Longsight  Library, Manchester
3.45pm                  Levenshulme Library, Manchester   

Thursday 9th August
10.30                      Bansolme Library, Hull
1pm                        Ings Library, Hull
3pm                        Freedom Centre, Hull

Friday 10th August
10.30am                   Bedworth Library, Warwickshire
2.30pm                     Rugby Library, Warwickshire

Monday 13th August
11am                      Hale Library, Trafford
2pm                        Coppice Library, Trafford
4pm                        Old Trafford Library, Trafford

Tuesday 14th August
11am                      The Avenue Library, Manchester
1.30pm                  North City Library 
3.45pm                  Withington Library

Wednesday 15th August
11am                     Wythenshawe Forum Library, Manchester
1.30pm                  City Library, Manchester
3.45pm                  Fallowfield Library, Manchester

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