Monday 7 October 2013

Bismark is On Side

In 2009 I visited Ghana to find out more about the trafficking of young footballers from African countries to Europe. It was research for my children's crime thriller set in the world of football, Off Side.

I was very lucky that Tom Vernon of the excellent football academy in Ghana, Right to Dream, let me interview some of his student players. I wanted to know more about good things that were happening to young footballers in Africa too. One boy was particularly helpful. His name was Bismark Boateng. He answered all my questions and I based my character, Kofi Danquah, on Bismark.

I was thrilled to hear recently that Bismark is now on the books of Manchester City, on loan in Norway at that moment. It's ironic that my character, Kofi, ended up playing in the UK for a team called City.

In fact, Kofi goes on to score the winner in the Champions' League semi final. I hope the same happens to Bismark.

Here is a picture of Bismark collecting a copy of Off Side.

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