Monday, 31 August 2009

Off Side

I've finshed the third Football Detective book (the one based in Ghana) and sent it off to my editor. It's taken six months to write, mainly because I did a lot of reading up about African footballers coming to Europe - and about chocolate. Then the trip to Ghana.

It feels good. We've had a few days off since. Camping in the rain. Then a day at the seaside yesterday - in the rain.

But now - I am excited to say - Puffin want two more Football Detective books. And I've started thinking about the plot for the next one. It means there will be at least five books in the series.

Dead Ball has been out a month. I've met lots of readers at events up and down the country. That has been the best bit. It's great to meet people who have read the books and hear what they think of them. So thanks.

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