Friday, 23 October 2009

David Beckham Academy

I went to the David Beckham Academy yesterday. With Ghyllgrove Junior School of Basildon.

It was really good. Some schools can visit for free. They get a day of games, activities and fun.

There was a bit of a weirdness about the place, dozens of giant images of Beckham, making it feel a bit like the church of Beckham.

But, overall, I was impressed with the coaches who were superb with the kids. One of the coaches said they were all interviewed by DB himself. That surprised me.

I learned a lot. I had a great idea for a book while I was there. But I’m keeping it in my head so it develops a bit before I say more.

Thanks to Ghyllgrove Junior School for another great two days. I go there six to ten days a year because I like the teachers and kids so much. And because they keep asking me back.

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