Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Hot Toddy

So I did the route of the Hot Toddy run today. 5.8 miles up and down hills near where I live.


Not bad for an unfit overweight 42 year old man with a dodgy knee. I loved it, though. At one point I was on the tops with fine rain showering me, 50 geese circling overhead. Bliss.

I started a story I am doing for Tom Watt's 2010 anthology of football stories today. I did the plan. The idea is that 5 writers do stories - plus 5 footballers. All about Tom's fictional Shelby Town FC.

The writing group gave their feedback on the fourth Football Detective novel last night. Pretty good. I was pleased.

Mince pies. I've had four already today. Mmmmmm.

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