Monday, 14 December 2009

It's been a while...

I've been busy not working for a few weeks. My wife had to go into hospital in late November and is slowly recovering at home with Nurse Tom. But she is recovering well, which is a relief.

No more dark clouds looming over us.

I have not done much writing as a result, but will start big time on Wednesday. Less than two months to finish a 40,000 word novel. I've done 20,000 first draft so far. But I like the pressure. My writing group meets tomorrow at my house to give its verdict on the first half.

I've also been running since I last blogged.

There's a race in my home town, called the Hot Toddy. 5.8 miles up and down hills on 27 December. I've entered. I haven't done a race ever. I got my 5 miles down the road and back from 50 minues to 48 minutes and yesterday 44.42 minutes. Tonight I want to break 40. But may die in the process. It's a ridiculous target. But it gives me something to blog about, I suppose.

I've been reading two novels by Jed Mercurio. I'd not read him before. He is amazingly good.

Leeds have stopped winning.


Tom Allen said...

Glad to hear she's recovering! Good luck with the intense bout of writing!

Tom Palmer said...

Thanks, Tom.