Friday, 19 March 2010

From Colwyn Bay to Aberdeen

I am nearly at the end of an epic eight-hour trip by train from North Wales to Aberdeen.

We've just gone through Arbroath (home of the UK's most extraordinary ever football result, 36-0).

But, as I travel north, my coat is heading south, to London. I left it on the 1500 hours Rhyl to Euston. Still, I'm not going to need a coat in Aberdeen, am I?

I am in Aberdeen to do an SPL Reading Stars event and to go into some schools on Monday.

Aberdeen are at home to Dundee United tomorrow, so I'll go and see that. I've seen football in England, Ghana, Egypt, France, Spain, Belgium, Malta and Wales. But never Scotland.

I have to find a toy Highland Cow for my daughter, too.

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