Monday, 29 March 2010

Using the World Cup to encourage reading

I have finished my toolkit of ideas for schools and libraries to use to promote reading through the World Cup.

Love Football: Love Reading is available at

It is full of ideas for displays, activities and book groups. There is also a free episodic story for football fiction fans.

Please let anyone who you think may be interested know about it.

Thank you kindly.


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Elfin said...

Hi Tom,

I am a school librarian of William Hulme's Grammar School. We have used Love Reading Love Football as our summer term theme in the library so as to attract more pupils to read more books, newspaper and magazines.

As for the World Cup mystery, we would like to invite teachers from various subject departments to read the story out so as to show the whole school support the reading event.

At here, may I ask for your approval if we could make it as the audio podcast so students and teachers can hear the story anytime anywhere? Teachers will read out the story and address the story is written by you at the begining of the recording. All the podcasts are for educational use and to promote reading in various styles.

May I ask for your approval of the above proposal?

Best Wishes,