Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Day two: Derby to Leicester

A lovely day in the landscape between Derby and Leicester. There are no hills to speak of in this area. It was really good fun. And easy, to be honest. 40 miles polished off in less than four hours, with a few short breaks.

There were some adventures en route. I was attacked by a dog... sort of. A rotweiller went for me as I rode past. But rather than tear my foot off, it chose to put its teeth around my flimsy trainer for a second, then release me. How we laughed!
Here is a picture of me today, as we came into Leicester. I found a picture I could send to my daughter. (Hello Iris!)

The hotel in Leicester is very nice. I doubt we'll have the same problems we had in Derby.

I went to sign some books at the Waterstone's on arriving. Now we're off for a curry.
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Helena Pielichaty said...

Sounds like you're having a riot! Keep up the good work.