Monday, 10 May 2010


We did it. 250 miles of paths and roads. 26 hours in the saddle. 5 days.

We rode into Potters Field, London, to see our families waiting for us. A lovely moment.

Then I helped perform an opera of Off Side, the new Foul Play book. Four times.

If you were at the second performance you might have noticed my subtle text-checking. My agent - and friend - David, was texting me the Leeds score. The last one read 'We've done it!!!', meaning Leeds have been promoted. That happened just as I finished my last bit. That is why I jumped off the stage like that, then grabbed that six year old girl (my daughter) and swung her round, then danced over Tower Bridge singing loudly, if you were there and were wondering.

Thank you to everyone who supported the ride. We raised £10,000 worth of books for a Ghanaian football academy's new library.

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