Monday, 7 June 2010

Daily writing exercise

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Exercise number one (for 7 June 2010)

There was bad football news over the weekend: England’s captain, Rio Ferdinand, is injured and cannot lead the team in South Africa.

Most England fans are upset at the news, but imagine how Rio feels...

He was about to live the greatest dream of any footballer: to captain his country at the World Cup. But now he will have to watch the tournament on TV like the rest of us.

Today’s writing exercise is to write a letter to Rio. Here are some questions to help you.

What would you say to him if you met him?

How could you make him feel better?

Maybe you could do a bit of research on him – in books, newspapers and on the internet – to find out what he has achieved as a footballer. You could write to thank him for what he has done for England, to remind him what a great footballer he has been.

Or maybe you could send him your favourite joke.

Or write him a poem.

You could even suggest some books he could read during the summer. Books you have enjoyed. Rio was once a Premier League Reading Star, so we know he likes to read.

Then why not send him the letter? His address is Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester.

Watch out for another World Cup writing exercise tomorrow.


shannon said...

hi ah them kids are soooo cute im a girl but i like foot-ball! i am so excited for the world cup tonight eng vs usa! [hope england win!!! lol so why do you like foot ball so much then? x

shannon said...
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