Wednesday, 2 June 2010

From one of my readers

I wanted to share this with everyone. It is by one of my readers, about his football team. I really like the photo:

Daniel Knight and Football

I like playing football because it's a lot of fun and I can easily play it with all of my friends, anywhere. I'm a member of Earl Marshall junior football club from Burngreave in Sheffield. I have been there for about 3 years since I was 5. The team I play for is very strong and it is quite hard to beat us. We are the u8s (nearly u9s) We have two teams and a squad of 20 players.There are a variety of nationalities in our team but we all get on well because we all know each other and we all love football. I play in a wide range of positions but I am mainly in defence because I can read the game from there and I can still push up when I need to.

My best friends are Curtis, Yazid, Adil, Rudi, Elliot and Nathan. In this picture me, Curtis, Yazid, Adil & Farooq are wearing our "I am England" t-shirts and they show that England supporters all look different. we are all looking forward ot watching the World Cup. If England don't win I think either Spain or Brazil will do it.