Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Celebrity in the Bear

I did my 2000 words in The Bear this morning. I was very happy with it - which could be a bad sign...

This is a photo of the table where I typed. As you can see I have a laptop, some notes (made in Italy last week) and a large cappuccino.

It was a bit harder to concentrate today because at the next table the mother-in-law of a major political figure of the last decade was having an interesting conversation about Gordon Brown. You can see her jacket draped over the chair on the left.

I did have my new iphone with me and could have taken pictures and recorded what she said. But that would probably get me into trouble, so I didn't. But you do get to see her jacket.

Then I went home, gave my wife and daughter and lift to the cinema to see some dancing film, came home again, ate some reaheated pizza from last night and started to read the Young Sherlock novel by Andrew Lane. It's very good.

Later I am going to take my daughter cycling.