Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lake Como

I am just back from Milan and Lake Como, where I was researching the fifth Foul Play book, Off Side. The story is about an Italian football club owner who also owns lots of TV channels. An entirely fictional character who Danny Harte has to come up against.

My family took a boat up the lake, searching for a good house this evil villain could live in. And this is the one we chose. We took lots of photos and I made some notes.

Imagine Danny is being chased across this outcrop. He reaches the statues you can see on the edge of the grounds. If he doesn't jump he's dead. So he jumps...

Now I just have to write it. I made a good start today in Todmorden's Bear Cafe, where I'll be every morning in the summer, writing. I did 2000 words.

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