Saturday, 14 August 2010

Rugby stories for boys (and girls)

Lots of England footballers have written children's football. David Beckham and Theo Walcott to name two. Although it seemed to act as a curse for them, as neither made it to the World Cup finals.

Or was that a blessing?

There are - as we know - a lot of football children's books about. Pielichaty. Palmer. Coleman. Morpurgo. Freedman. Peet. Smiley. Arksey. Bradman. Etc...

But there is not much rugby fiction. I go around schools in rugby league country and where rugby union is played and often get asked about children's rugby fiction. Is there any?

The only one I know is The Flea Thing by Brian Faulkner. An excellent story about rugby league in New Zealand.

But in autumn 2011 Barrington Stoke will publishing a rugby (union and league!) novel by Tom Palmer.

Tom Palmer (above) is a rugby union England international. He has played for lots of top clubs, including Leeds Carneigie.

But it's not by him. It's by me (below).