Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Five Exciting Euro 2012 resources

I had a great meeting with Jim Sells of the National Literacy Trust today.

Here's Jim.

We were talking about Euro 2012.

We have some plans for using the excitement around the Euro 2012 tournament (June 8th to July 1st) to promote reading. This is what we finalised. All FREE.

ONE: a toolkit of activities, displays and other joy for schools and libraries that will get football lovers reading and writing (an early version of this is already available here)

TWO: a letter for schools to give to parents, suggesting ways they can encourage their children to read during major sporting tournaments (that's here)

THREE: a daily episodic classroom read story each weekday of Euro 2012 - we will try to make this available in print, as audio and on video (in fact, we videoed the first chapter of it today, but the rest will be written as the tournament unfolds)

FOUR: a daily writing exercise based on the events of the tournament (this is only available to NLT member schools - more about joining that network that here)

FIVE: a weekly blog from me about things you can read to do with Euro 2012 - books, magazines, guides, great journalism

We are both very excited about all this (as you can see from Jim's beaming smile). We love football. We love promoting reading.

If you want to know more about any of the above please do email me via

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