Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Why Euro 2012 doesn't need to damage our children's futures

Euro 2012 is expected to damage the grades that many children get in their GCSEs this summer.

Research from Oxford and Bristol universities shows that during European Championships and World Cups, the grades of most students drop in comparison to years when there is no major football tournament.

It's quite striking. And - no doubt - affects more than just the children doing their GCSEs.

In a bid to help combat this I have written a letter that schools can send out to parents. Not telling them to ban their kids from watching the matches: but offering them ten tips on how they can engage their children with reading during the tournament, keeping their minds in tip top condition.

In addition, there are lots of Euro 2012 literacy resources on the National Literacy Trust website that will be useful in schools.

Please contact me on info@tompalmer.co.uk if you have any problems accessing any of the resources.

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