Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lancashire Book Festival and another review

I did some events for the Lancashire Children's Book Festival this week, Shout About Books. They were great. I like working in Lancashire very much (even though I'm from Yorkshire). They know what they're doing. The libraries are great and they really make you feel at home. Thank you Lancashire.

Also, today I was at a library in Stoke. Most of the children were Stoke City fans. It was good to see: people supporting their local team. I had a kick about with a lad called Josh, who was really into Stoke City. We had a kick about and he kept accusing me of fouling him. As if...

I got a review in the Times today. You can read it at: When I read it I was very happy. So happy I started singing football songs. I did the same thing when I got the book deal with Puffin. Chanting about Leeds, etc. This might seem odd, but I think it's because getting good news about my books is a bit like seeing my favourite team score. A sudden burst of happiness. Either that or I'm losing my mind.

There's also a review (and video interview) on

Holland. What can I say? Amazing. I hope they win it.

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