Monday, 2 June 2008

A Week Off

I had a week off with my wife and daughter. Camping in Devon.

It was supposed to be a restful time in between dozens of events to promote Foul Play. But it rained. And rained. And rained. In the end we were flooded out and had to take the tent down in the pouring rain.

Now I'm back on the road. I did two events with schools as part of the Derbyshire Book Festival today. They were good fun. As always, I got a lot of stick for being a Leeds fan from the Derby County fans you find in Derbyshire. But they were less cocky this time... for some reason. The Forest fans, on the other hand, were great. An intelligent lot.

I'm reading a great book about football in Russia. Football Dynamo by Marc Bennetts. All about how football in Russia is changing.

Just read The Tangshan Tigers by Dan Lee too. A kids book about a martial arts academy. I am reviewing it for Junior magazine. It is great. Even if you have no interest in Karate, etc... try it. Really well written. Exciting.

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