Sunday, 29 June 2008

A Week in Warrington

Last week I spent three days in Warrington - with a short detour to London.

I was in Warrington to do events with schools for the the libraries. It was great. My mum was from Warrington and going to her home town was a real buzz. She got me into reading - and writing - so it was nice to work with the children of her town. It was a great week. Warrington Libraries know how to look after you. Thank you Warrington.

After the event, I met my aunt, my mum's sister. We had a cup of tea in Borders. That might sound trivial: but it was the highlight of my week.

In between two of the days in Warrington, I went to London one night for the Puffin Party. This is annual party where authors, librarians, children's book experts, magazines, come together. It was great!

The food and drink was great (including ice creams covered in chocloate on sticks: I had ten) - as was meeting lots of other authors. Ross Kemp was stood at the bar. I also spotted Kevin Brooks, Charlie Higson, Sue Bentley (of the Magic Kittens!), Linda Chapman and many more.

This week I'm off to London, Rotherham and ending the week at the seaside with my family: I'm doing some events at the Sunderland Kite Festival. If you're around I'll be doing a penalty shoot out and dodging the kites.

Tomorrow I'm at an event in Sandwell. I'll be on stage with Alan Ahlberg. I'm not saying this to boast. I'm saying it to say what a buzz that will be. I've spent the last 5 years reading his books to my daughter. He's the business.

This is a boast, though. Foul Play was one of the Sunday Telegraph's 50 books for the holidays in their Travel section today.

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