Thursday, 4 September 2008

Booked Up books

I've been reading the other Booked Up books. Just to see what they're like.

They're good. Here's my top five so far (I've not read the other 6 yet and I can't really put mine in the list, can I?):

1st: H.I.V.E. - I've not even finished it yet and I love it, great characters, great action, great suspense

2nd: The Garbage King - very different to H.I.V.E., but really well written. Very moving. You get into the heads of two boys from a very different culture to ours. Superb.

3rd: Kiss of Death - good story, creepy and intriguing

4th: Arctic Hero - very interesting, about a man I knew nothing about

5th: Skullduggery Pleasant - great start to the novel, but not my cup of tea as I'm not into the more fantasy style stories (I am sure the author won't mind me saying so: Richard and Judy and millions of others love it)

I'll do a definitive top 11 wen I've finished them all.

Overall I've been loving reading them - all available at your local library!

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