Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Bristol Grammar School

I had a good morning at Bristol Grammar School yesterday. 130 kids.

We had a great event with 70 of them getting full marks in the football quiz I do, so I had to face 70 penalties - then 10 more - in ten minutes.

The best bit was having lunch in the Great Hall with eight girls. I was asking them about books I could read to my daughter. Very useful. Stuff on horses and ballet. They were great company and I was sorry to have to leave...

... but I had to go to the launch of the new Puffin Post in London. The magazine that lots of adults remember is back. It's really good. Lots of interviews (including one with me) and a story by Michael Morpurgo. Have a look at the Puffin Post website.

I met Chris Bradford (Young Samurai) and Maurice Gleitzman (Then). But the best bit was talking to two of the people who work in the the rights department. They try to sell Puffin books published in English to other countries. They go to big fairs in places like Germany, Italy and Russia to do it.

At the end of the party I got a goody bag - with a soft-toy Puffin in for my daughter. And a gold Puffin badge! Then I went round to my agent's house to watch a Leeds United DVD.

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