Sunday, 14 September 2008

Kevin Brooks and other authors

I met Kevin Brooks, author of Black Rabbit Summer, this weekend. We were sat next to each other at a library conference dinner. We talked about football and books... among other things. I liked him. Very much.

I'm also reading Black Rabbit Summer, which wasn't really a coincidence. It's an amazing book. It's hammers along, making you miss several hours of sleep in the week or so you're reading it. It also did what not many books do: made me think and behave differently to normal. My wife spotted it. She said I was being weird. But I wasn't: I was just under the influence of a great writer.

It reminded me of David Peace, my favourite author. I'm going to read a lot more Kevin Brooks books.

The conference we were at was in Lancaster. 200 librarians talking about children's books. Great. I learned a lot and met some excellent authors. Including Sophie McKenzie who writes breakneck thrillers, in both senses of the phrase. And Morris Gleitzman, a favourite of mine.

This week I will be in North Yorkshire and Newcastle. I'm looking forward to seeing my friend, the genius children's librarian, Craig Peddie, in Newcastle: to hear what he thinks about what's going on at the Newcastle United. And also to hear about the amazing work he does in the north east.

Next read: H.I.V.E. II, which I was given at the conferecne.

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