Friday, 17 April 2009

First research

I went into Leeds today to research my new novel. It's a nice time. Going into libraries and bookshops.

I had a good look through some travel guides to Ghana. Places to stay. Things to see. It was very useful. As were the history books about West Africa. Although there won't be loads of historical background in the book, I like to have a good understanding of a place before I go there and write about it. Well, as good as possible.

I also found a book about an Englishman with Ghanaian parents who travelled to Ghana. That will be really useful.

I got an email off my agent yesterday: Puffin want the book by the end of August. That's good. It means I have to get stuck in. I have all of August off to write, except a few events in Leeds, so it'll give me time to write once I'm back from Ghana.

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