Tuesday, 16 June 2009


My wife likes Divine chocolate.

She was eating some recently... and she read the back of the bar where it says about how the chocolate is made and how the farmers in Ghana get a lot more of the profits than other chocolate producers give them. In fact they own the company!

So she emailed Divine. To see if they could help me with the next book I'm writing, partly based in Ghana. They sent back a lovely email and I went to see them last week.

I am really exicted. They are going to help me meet people in Ghana and hopefully help me visit a school there to talk about the books. And we came up with some great thoughts on who I could meet out there and how I could work it into the books.

I feel like the novel has taken a great leap forward. Thanks to Divine.

I say this while eating a Divine Dubble Bar. Very nice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tom
We were really excited to meet you too - and looking forward to helping make the next Football Detective the best yet!
From the Dubble team
p.s. we'll Twitter about you too!