Monday, 21 September 2009

Hotel Life

I'm in a budget hotel in Basildon. I come here a lot. I have been adopted by Ghyllgrove Junior School, working with them six times a year. They run a football writers' group. The group helps me come up with story ideas. They are always the first to read my books - and tell me where I could improve them.

There is no football on tonight. But tomorrow... Leeds v Liverpool. I need to find a pub with it on the TV. I read today that they will rest Gerard and Torres. Is that good or bad? And how do you spell Gerard? Gerrard?

Sometimes I wonder why I write a blog. Is this the most interesting thing I can come up with?

I started plotting Football Detective four today. That was exciting.

But not as exciting as having my debit card swallowed by a cash machine while en route to London and needing it to download my train tickets and pay for four days away from home. The feeling of panic at 6 a.m. was quite something. But my wife came to the rescue.

That's it. That's my exciting news.

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