Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Panic Rooms

I've been readng about panic rooms. As you will know, a lot of wealthy people have their houses broken into, so people can steal their stuff. Usually when they're out.

But what if they're in?

There have been some terrible instances of very well known footballers' families being held captive in their own home. It must be a horrible experience.

So some of them - apparently - have installed panic rooms. They're rooms in houses that burglars can't get into. They have reinforced doors and walls. Phones, wireless internet, etc. Some have a chemical that can be sprayed onto assailants. A spray they can't wash off. Presumably that helps identify who has done it.

Most of the rooms in my house are panic rooms. Usually when I'm listening to the away games on the radio.

By the way, if you're a burglar, I don't have anything worth nicking in my house. We've got a ten inch TV and a massive dog.

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