Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Meeting Joshua

This is Joshua - and me. Joshua lives in Leicester. He wrote to me a few weeks ago, saying he liked my books.

Because I was in Leicester yesterday, I dropped into his school. Humberstone Junior. It was one of the best moments of being an author so far. I was taken to his classroom where I was revealed as a surprise guest. Then we all did a couple of sessions of my Football Reading Game.

It was really good to meet him and the rest of the children in his school. They made me very welcome.

Thanks for writing to me Joshua. Thanks Humberstone. And thanks Joshua's dad.

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Najwa Safiyyah Zaharuddin said...


I'm from leicester too..my school is there too, I know Joshua, his in year 3 and I still remember when miss Williams was in goal! It was cool..thanks for visiting our school.