Sunday, 17 October 2010

Staffordshire Libraries are Fab

I had a great day with Stafforshire Libraries yesterday. I did events in Shenstone, Burntwood and Lichfield Libraries.

And it was excellent. Good audiences. Lots of dads with sons - and daughters. And mums. And... I sold 20 books. I wanted to know why it was so good. So I asked. I had no illusion that it was to do with me.

It was because:

* the library staff took posters round to all the local schools to advertise a range of author events they're doing, hoping to engage head teachers with what they were trying to do

* they talked to children and families who use their libraries, to encourage them to come along

* they had posters up in all the libraries

* they mentioned it at local Beavers meetings, etc.

* they got a mention about it in the local papers

They worked really hard to get an audience!

I used to put on author events in libraries. It was my job. It's a hard job drawing an audience for a lesser known author, like myself. So I know they've worked hard.

I am very grateful. Thank you Staffordshire.

On the way home I listened to Boro v Leeds on the radio. And we won! What a day.

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