Friday, 17 December 2010

2010 THE END

This is my 100th blog of 2010. It might be the last. It might not.

I did my last school visit of the year today. A small school above the Calder Valley in Old Town. I talked about my books, but mostly encourged the children to talk about what they like to read.

I am looking forward to this holiday. Twenty-five days off without having to speak in public.

Don't get me wrong: I love school visit. And I love talking to children. But I've done four days a week for fifteen weeks this term and I'm shattered. I need a break. Like lots of us do, adults and children.

The only other reason I'll blog is after the Hot Toddy race on 27 December. I have been training for it all year. Twice a week. I did it in 52 minutes last year. My revised target for this year is 45 minutes. I wanted to do it quicker, but I did my calf in last week and am still hobbling, so have lost the last fortnight's training. Oh well.

Next year it's fell running.

Thank you to all the schools and libraries and readers and parents who have been in touch and invited me in this year. I have loved it.


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rozer said...

thanks tom, you are such a inspiration to me your books are so good I remember you came to our school in Luddenden Dene two years ago. Thanks.