Thursday, 2 December 2010

Writing a New Story

I've been having a great day: I've started a new story.

The National Literacy Trust is runningPremier League Reading Stars in schools from 2011. I have been involved in designing the scheme and writing the materials for it. One of the things they have asked me to do is write a ten-part episodic cliffhanger story to be read at the end of each session.

I've decided to bring my Football Academy and Foul Play books together in the story: Danny Harte meets Jake Oldfield and together they save the world. Something like that.

And I'm loving it. It is great to be writing about Danny again. He's my favourite character.

I am just at the planning stage now. I need ten 700 word chunks, each ending with a dramatic cliffhanger. Then I'll start writing on Monday.

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