Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fell Running

I've had such a buzz out of running on the hills in the last three months. I love it. It's hard, especially uphill. But, once you're up there on the flat, you feel like you're flying. I like it in the mist best. Shapes looming out at you.

I want to 2011 to be the year I took part in fell races. I will need to train for months to make sure I'm not just walking most of it, arriving at the finish line when everyone else has driven home. But I'll get there. There's a fell race in May round here. That'll be my target.

I'm really missing it now. I've had this stupid calf strain for two-and-a-half weeks and it's still not 100%. But I reeeeeeeeeeeally want to go up on the fells on New Year's Day.

So... I'm going for a quick three-miler now. Nice and slow. If I come home unscathed, I'll go on the tops on 1st January.

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