Sunday, 6 March 2011

I Fell for the Fells

If you read this blog a bit, you'll know I have been running for nearly a year and a half.
(No wonder I'm tired.)
I was running in a very few road and trail races, but now I am aiming for my first fell race on 2nd May. It's in Mytholmroyd, where Ted Hughes came from.
Seven miles across the fells, going up (then down) 1100 feet.
I've been training a bit. This is a pic of where I go, near Todmorden, where I live.
I want you to know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RUNNING ON THE FELLS. It makes me so happy. On Saturday I ran round a half empty reservoir just off the Pennine way, through an abandoned farm house, over the moors. It was sunny and foggy and raining and cold and warm. It was amazing.
Fell runners are normally lithe and weigh under eleven stone. I am fifteen stone. I will come in the last 10% of runners - and only if I train hard.
But I love it!

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