Wednesday, 2 March 2011

World Book Day 2011

Thursday 3rd March is World Book Day: the day that hundreds - probably thousands - of authors go into schools to talk about reading and books and to encourage children to do the same.

Author visits have a massive impact.

When I go into schools I always ask the children who their favourite authors are and sometimes they tell me that they met Jacqueline Wilson or Cathy Cassidy or Craig Bradley and that they LOVED-meeting-them-and-ever-since-they've-read-all-their-books-and-all-the-books-those-authors-said-that-they-liked.

They also say that meeting an author has made them want to be an author and they've started writing a book themselves.

It definitely works.

Today I was in Abbotswood Junior School in Hampshire. I had a wonderful day. The highlight was being told that a boy who was not at all into reading had been read one of my books and had surprised everyone by reading another, then asking his parents to get him the rest of the series. And that he has started saying he likes books.

This meant the world to me.

Yes, I get paid to write my books. But hearing something like that makes me feel like I am doing the right thing.

Just like the hundreds of other authors who will be out there on World Book Day.


Kristin said...

Tom, I have just given a copy of your comments to the class teacher in question and to quote her 'that's brought a tear to my eye'
Thanks again for a fantastic day! The children are still buzzing from your visit.

From all at Abbotswood Junior School

Zoe Mansbridge said...

Hello Tom, I'm passionate about books too and just to see the excitement on my daughter's face as she clutched her book and proudly wore her costume made me really appreciate the importance of this day. All these things and your inspiring example prove how it all makes a difference to keeping that passion alive. Thanks for the post. Regards, Zoe Mansbridge