Tuesday, 10 January 2012

From Burton Albion to the Emirates

Yesterday I visited two new stadiums.

First, I joined some children in Burton on a trip to the Pirelli Stadium, Burton Albion's home ground.

We were there to research ideas for a story we are writing together.

It was wonderful. What a club! All the staff - including three really interesting (and interested) players - made it a joy.

There is a large well in the corner of the Pirelli Stadium. They draw water from the well to water the pitch. The pitch is built on the old Pirelli factory sports fields.

Interesting, eh?

I think so. That well is a gift for writing a mystery story.

Later in the day I found myself at the Emirates. I was there to watch the heroics of plucky Championship side, Leeds United, against the profligate millionnaires of Arsenal.

Without six first choice players, Leeds held on for 80 minutes, until an Arsenal striker scored a handy goal.

Well done to Arsenal for such a resounding victory against a team that cost one-hundredth of what their team cost.

Here I am at the Emirates. I'm not bitter.

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