Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ed Miliband is a Leeds Fan

A photo of a famous person within three metres of a dumpbin of my books.
I was in Doncaster yesterday, helping to launch the Doncaster Book Awards. We were all at Waterstone's, as you can see by the branding behind... yes, it's Ed Miliband.

I was keen to meet Ed because I'd heard a rumour about him. I wanted to see if it was true. When I asked the children there who supported Doncaster, several hands went up. When I asked who supported Leeds, mine, Ed's and a couple of others went up.

It's true: Ed Miliband is a Leeds fan.

In the eighties, we used to sing Stefan Edberg is a Leeds fan at Elland Road. I wonder if a new song could take off?

The launch was great and there are some fantastic books on the shortlist. Not mine. The award has been going for a long time and is well-established as one of the best, I think.

Ed Miliband was very nice. He spoke about his love of libraries and how parents reading with their children is a good thing.

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