Monday, 27 February 2012

Robin Hood 2012

I am starting an exciting project in Nottingham tomorrow. I'll be working with four children at a primary school to write a modern version of Robin Hood.

The school won a competition to help me write the book - and to help the illustrator, James Innerdale, to illustrate it.

I am really looking forward to it.

The final book will be given to thousands of children in Nottingham in July. It is part of their excellent Nottingham Year of Reading scheme, that I have been involved with all year.

I am looking through various Robin Hood books tonight to think about what we could do with the story. But I expect the children will have excellent ideas that we can use to write something really exciting.

There is only one rule I have to follow. I'm not allowed to put the bit about Robin Hood really being from Yorkshire in the book.



Paul said...

Really like the idea of this project. Will be interesting to work closely with such a small group.
Hope to be able to invite you back down our way in the coming months. Squad looks great, looking forward to that. Do have a few schools asking after you. Hope to be in touch.

Tom Palmer said...

That'd be good, Paul. Any time from September. It's be good to see you and Port Talbot too!