Friday, 9 March 2012

Fear is not 400 kids in Woking

I am at a service station on the M11, heading home after a fortnight talking about fair trade, football and reading in schools around the country.

I've been from Lincolnshire to Portsmouth, from the New Forest to Canterbury, with my car boot full of fair trade choc diminishing as I drove...

It's been a brilliant tour. The most memorable thing is how children are very keen that we pay people fairly for the crops they farm and that feed us. And that is exactly what fair trade is about!

Speaking to 400 children in a football stadium (as I did in Woking, above, yesterday) may look frightening. And it was. A bit.

But tomorrow's job is more frightening. I have to operate the CD player for my daughter's dance at a festival tomorrow.

You want some fear: try doing that.

I can't wait to get home.

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Nikki Woodman said...

You're so right Tom , going to youth... it's they who will be purchasers of the future and thus education with and football fun, like you offer will only be of benefit for the future.
Trust you're home safly now.