Monday, 19 March 2012

England Top

I'm still getting increasingly excited about Euro 2012.

A couple of days ago I bought the new England top. Here it is, modelled by me in my Welsh hotel room tonight.

Curtains closed. No need to cause offence.

I arrived in Wales this evening, zipping up my jacket, just in case...

Tomorrow I am in Merthyr Tydfil. I'll go plain-clothed.

Today I was in a Albrighton Primary school. It was a lovely day, finished off with a game of five-a-side in the playground. I'm a lucky man.

Back to Euro 2012. On train today I saw a newsstand selling a preview for the tournament. 83 days to go...

1 comment:

Nikki Woodman said...

wow ... looks good. Nice simple design... ie the shirt.. not you!!Enjoy Merthyr, keep smiling and encouraging those children as I know you do so well. Nikki xxx