Sunday, 25 March 2012

Boys Read for Pleasure

I've just gone back on Twitter after a six month break - and straight away I've noticed something to confirm what I already knew.

Boys read for pleasure.

Loads of boys (and girls) are tweeting about football, passing around match reports and articles, discussing them. They tweet their dads, their mates and occassional children's football writers.

Is this match report fair?

Should so-and-so have been sent off?

What are the match stats for the weekend's games?

When I go into schools I spend most of my time asking children what they like to read. They like the back pages. They like Match and Match of the Day. They like biographies of Rooney and Messi and Pele. They like football fiction like mine, Dan Freedman's and Rob Childs'.

This is great news. It means boys read. Boys read for pleasure.

The one hurdle is that just a few adults think that reading about football is trivial, not real, not rewarding. I know this is the minority. I know most teachers and parents and librarians celebrate any reading in boys and girls.

If boys read about football for pleasure it means that boys read for pleasure. And girls.

And, of course, it's not just football. It's guitars, it's cars, it's whatever they are into.

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