Thursday, 29 March 2012

One to One Boys Reading Club

I was in St James' Primary School in Ashton today. The teacher - Miss Anderson - told me about a reading scheme she does with the boys.

Some of the boys are reluctant readers and don't respond well to all-class reading projects. She needed to come up with something more personal.

So, Miss Anderson challenges them
to read one of my books.

If a boy finishes it, he has a special lunch with Miss (who is the kind of teacher a child would want to have a special lunch with), where they talk about the book in an easy-going way.

Then, if he has read it, the boy gets to choose who the next boy is that will read the book.

It creates a buzz. The boys want to be the next one to be chosen. They can't wait for their go.

And, once they have read the first book, they are allowed to read the rest  of the series, which are kept in a special library for those doing the scheme.

If the boys read all of the series the get a special signed certificate from me - and a letter saying well done. (More info about the certificates here.)

Miss Anderson is a big fan of action and thriller books. She likes the kind of books that boys like. She was recommending Percy Jackson to them all day. She puts her book tastes down to her book-loving brother who, when he was young, would read books, making her want to read the books he read.

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